Who Are We?

TREE, established in 2017, is not as young as it seems. Founder Lisa Barlow, LVT has her roots deep as a Licensed Veterinary Technician and professional Wildlife Rehabilitator. Since 1992, she has cared for almost all native wildlife, although her passion is the care of Birds of Prey, Reptiles, Fox, Bobcat, and Groundhog.

In the early 90’s, Ms Barlow happened to come across a newly formed rehabilitation organization and quickly became a significant part of that organization, serving as president for 13 years of its 28 year existence.

Over the years, Lisa found that educating the public became a huge part of rehabilitation – it wasn’t enough just to take in wildlife and care for it, that was the easy part. Rehabilitators had to help guide the public in ways to live with the wildlife around them. Wildlife has evolved, now living in suburban and urban areas, and people need to learn who their furred, feathered and scaled neighbors are and how they can live with and help them.

The vision of TREE is to promote coexistence between the human and nonhuman societies in Virginia and beyond.

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