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Enabling people to see and learn how they can help the wildlife in their area, neighborhood, and backyard is our mission – Teaching the Nature of Nurture.

Wildlife is all around us – birds at our feeders, ducks and geese on the waterways, raccoons, ops, and rabbits in yards. But do we really SEE them? Did you know that geese live in family groups, rabbits only feed their young a few times a day, or that birds of prey typically mate for life? These are just a few things we can learn!

As we learn about these fascinating animals, we start to care for them, want to help them, and wish for them to remain where they belong – in the “wild“. We also learn that the “wild” is often not the traditional forests, fields, and waterways that we knew of. They are often times suburban and even urban areas.

With these animals living closely with us, there are more and more instances of interactions requiring intervention, medical and foster care.

TREE is here to help you help wildlife. Follow our education links and learn more about the wildlife we call neighbors. Learn what’s “normal” and “not normal” behaviors for wildlife you find.

If you’re interested in having us come to your school, club, or event, please check out our appointment link.

And of course, if you’d like to help with the care of an animal in rehabilitation, go to our Donation page. The funding for this care traditionally “out of pocket” at the rehabilitators expense or with the occasional donation from concerned citizens. Any donation is greatly needed and appreciated.

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